Perverse Fun: Worm-based Adventure Tourism

wormfunJUNEAU, Alaska–In a series of photographs released today by the Alaska Department of Tourism, it was announced that Alaskan tour companies are now advertising worm-based adventure tourism packages to take advantage of the growing number of worm holes appearing each year in arctic glacier ice.

“It’s a lot of fun to explore these giant worm holes,” said Vince McCally, deputy director of development for the department. “People are willing to pay top dollar to fly in to explore these natural wonders.”

When asked about the potential dangers of exposing tourists to the entrances of killer worm holes, McCally cited private contractor studies indicating that daytime worm hole exploration is relatively safe, as the worms are most active at night. “We don’t expect worm hole exploring to be any more dangerous than any other arctic adventure activity,” said McCally. “In many regards, the danger even adds to the allure. After you’ve climbed dangerous mountains and swam with sharks, many adventurers are looking for the next scary challenge. We couldn’t have asked for a more exciting opportunity than what we’ve got here with this giant worm invasion.”wormfun2wormfun3wormfun4

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