Giant Worms Threaten Climate Talks in Copenhagen

cop15_logo_imgCOPENHAGEN, Denmark–According to an advance team from the U.S. tasked with preparing talking points for the upcoming COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference, giant worms are undermining the foundations of the global warming talks.

“It’s like something right out of Tremors or Gears of War 2,” said Kalil Mubange, assistant associate director of policy for the U.S. team. “All of a sudden people aren’t as concerned about global warming as they are about the appearance of giant worms. One engineer I spoke with said that if giant worms undermine the foundations of our meeting place the whole talks could collapse.”

In the well popular video game Gears of War 2, giant worms sink entire cities. In a truth is stranger than fiction moment, giant worms are now threatening to expose the weaknesses in the whole greenhouse gas scare.

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