Al Gore “flustered” by Global Worming

al_goreNASHVILLE, Tennessee–Al Gore, discredited prophet of climate change doom, is now reportedly “flustered” by the threat posed by giant worm attacks.

“I’m just not sure what to do about this new threat,” Gore said at a fundraiser last night. “I’ve spent so much time chasing this carbon thing down a rat hole, I’m not sure if I can muster what it takes to combat giant worms. I think the rising generation of activists will have to take this one on.”

While publicly not doing anything about the threat of giant worms, Gore’s neighbors in the upscale Nashville suburb of Belle Mead, where Gore has his huge energy sucking mansion, have noticed giant excavation equipment rolling in to Gore’s yard. According to one contractor who claims to have bid on the project, Gore is trying to create a huge titanium worm barrier under the house to make it safe from giant worm attacks.

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